Trying To Maintain a Level of Happiness

If you have been following my blog you will have heard me go on and on about my change in circumstances… Sorry but it’s current!

Obviously, these changes in my circumstances have resulted in me living in a state of happiness which I have been enjoying very much, however, there can be days where low mood and unhappiness tries and sometimes succeeds in infiltrating my personal bubble.

Feeling sad is a normal part of life. ‘They’ say that you’ll never be able to appreciate your happy times if you’re never sad. However, even though sadness is “good” it’s not something that should be wallowed in the way that happiness is reveled in but I know how hard it can be to not let the sadness overcome you. So, I thought I would share with you a few things that I try to do in order to maintain a state of happiness.

  1. Stay grateful – We often take the little things in life for granted however it’s important to stay thankful for all the things that you have in life. Some people do this by writing in a diary, others do this by praying, some do it while meditating. I like to vocalise what I am thankful for and appreciate in life. For me, saying it out loud is a confirmation of how I really feel and as I hear myself speaking I remind myself of what it is that makes me happy.
  2. Stay active – In my opinion boredom eventually causes unhappiness so I try not to spend allll my time indoors. I have a job so I leave my house at least 5 days a week but it’s always important to step out at least for a good 25 minutes for a walk or something but if you spend all your time doing nothing, being idle or monging out in front of the tv then you are guaranteed to start feeling a little crappy, get busy.
  3. Share your happiness – No good thing is any good if it’s kept to oneself so share your happiness, let people know the joy that you feel. Share and share alike and I reckon that the feeling of happiness that you hold in your heart will last that little bit longer.
  4. Reflection- You know I’m a HUGE advocate of this. Whilst very similar to my first point. I also think that recognising the times when you weren’t happy and the things that you’ve had to go through to get where you are help in keeping your grateful about where you’re at and a result allow you to maintain happiness.

I find that the more I apply these things to my life the happier that I feel.

End of Year Reflections

So this is an end of/ start of year post. I reckon that as we’re only 10 days into 2018 it’s not too late. So for those who watch YouTube videos. You’ll know that tags sometimes make their way around the interwebs. So, inspired by Niknakz Ferrol I thought I’d do a little tag of my own. Reflection is always good for the soul and sometimes prompts are required so I looked up a couple questions from to help me appreciate the ugly beauty of 2017 and fuel my excitement of 2018. So here goes!

  1. If you could look back on one memory from the last year that you could relive what would it be? Last year I lost my concert virginity! I managed to see the amazing J.P Cooper in concert. I can honestly say that I would love to hear his beautiful soul perform Passport, Colour Me in Gold and Closer all over again. Not to mind all his other masterpieces.
  2. What was one New Years Resolution that you have accomplished? Historically, I haven’t made new years resolution due to me knowing that I never had any intention of keeping them.
  3. What are three words to describe the past year? Discouraging, Hopeful, Fulfilling
  4. Best music related creation/inspiration last year by an artist in your opinion? I’m not the kind of person who keeps up to date with new releases, I also find it hard to reduce 12 months, 365 days into one inspirational song. So here is a list of 10 songs I was inspired by this year (a.k.a played on repeat) they may not have come out this year but I have appreciated them all the same.
    ◦ Bambi-Jidenna
    ◦ Same Drugs- Chance the Rapper
    ◦ Passport -JP Cooper
    ◦ What Went Wrong – JP Cooper
    ◦ Intentional – Travis Greene
    ◦ 10 Billion X – Tori Kelly
    ◦ Oceans -Ashley Arispe
    ◦ Order my steps – GMWA Women of Worship
    ◦ May I have this Dance – Francis and the lights ft. Chance the Rapper
    ◦ Loved By You – Kirby Lauryen
  5.  What did the last year teach you? Having hope is not futile.
  6. What was your most worn clothing item of last year? My Smart Brown Girl jumper… (I think) it goes well with everything!
  7. If you had to sum up your year in one word, what would it be? So I just had to do it in three but if I pick one of the three it would be HOPEFUL.
  8. Best book you read last year? I haven’t finished any book that I have started last year!
  9. Something you’re looking forward to this coming year? Making progress in all aspects of life.
  10. What are you hoping for less of this coming year? Meeting inconsiderate people.
  11. What is your New Year’s resolution for the upcoming year? Start as you mean to go on and keep trying.
  12. What are you hoping for more of this coming year? Progress! I know I said I was looking forward to it but I have to hope for it too, no? And of course, put in the hard work for it.
  13. Well, that’s me, try this tag yourself! Answer your favourite one in the comments below!

Laziness – don’t stay idle

So, as you know, I was doing some reflecting a few weeks ago. I was thinking about all the aspirations and goals that I have set for myself and these things are not unrealistic but as I thought about my current state in comparison with where I wanted to be I could honestly say that I wasn’t stood in one place but I’d actually began to move backwards. I had become idle, complacent. Lazy.

Laziness isn’t actually a word used to describe a temporary state that someone is in. It’s actually a personality trait. Now, I don’t know about you but laziness it’s not something that I’d want to associate with myself or have others associate with me.  I shared my realisation with a friend who went on to say that my break in progress was warranted due to the stress that I had recently been through but whilst it is a comforting thought I had to resign to the fact that it wasn’t true. A hard pill to swallow.

The fact of the matter is that everything in life takes work, nothing is easy (sound familiar?) and I had been burying my head in the sand to this fact. Delusional, thinking that everything I wanted would happen or come to me by chance. I know I needed to make a change to my attitude but it wasn’t for another few weeks that I began to address the goals and aspirations where I had become stagnant, or rather regressed and as with most things that I write about, easier said than done. So how did I do it?

Firstly, it required a mental overhaul. I had to mentally prepare myself for the changes that were about to take place. I tend to do this by writing lists, it helps me focus on all the things I want to achieve and by projecting them on to something more physical. The list also helps me to get organised. The second thing that I do in order to meet my goals is giving myself time targets to work towards but not so specific that I place pressure on myself on myself trying to achieve them. Once I begin to reach the milestones they provide me with a sense of achievement, a fuel and a drive that defeats the laziness and inspires to want to continue.

© Glen Carsten-Peters

The hardest part about not being lazy is getting off your arse for the first time.  So push yourself, you’ll never know what will happen.

The Ease of Complacency

Happy New Year Everyone!

So it’s been a minute since I’ve posted a blog entry so I’ll keep this one short… If you follow my blog then you’ll know that I’ve recently moved home, cities and job. During the time of settling in I took a step back from my blog, not purposefully but it took me a while to adjust to all the new changes within my life. At first, when I realised that I wasn’t blogging I thought “It’s okay, it’s only been a few weeks, you’ve had a lot on”. Which is an understandable thought, as sometimes you need to recognise when you have too much on your plate and could do with taking a few potatoes off 😉 and in itself this is not a problem but then I went from “it’s okay” too “yeah, I need to put a post up now”  but spent most of my free evening catching up on shows I’d missed during my adjustment period. It then got to the point where writing a post failed to even enter my mind. It wasn’t until I spent a few days reflecting when I realised that I had become complacent.

© HS Lee

Complacency can be defined “as being satisfied with the situations that you find yourself in”. I had become satisfied with spending my free evenings and weekends doing nothing but wasting my own time (remember my blog on using time effectively). However, it was never a conscious thought i.e “this is what I’m okay with”. It was just easy for me not to write. Sometimes it’s easy to be comfortable, satisfied, complacent with where you are in the life or in what ever you are doing in your life but just because something is easy that doesn’t make it right. Sometimes when we make commitments to ourselves, or even to others, it can be hard to fulfil them just because it’s easier not to but believe me when I say that easy is boring.

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